Why every woman should review her protection insurance now

Your contribution to household finances doesn’t end with your salary – so make sure you have the correct cover in place for peace of mind. The quick read: Women typically insure themselves far less than men, despite the fact that on top of their earnings, their unpaid work, such as caring responsibilities, make their household […]

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Long-term care: what are the options?

At a glance The first step is to understand your or your loved one’s care requirements – and a care needs assessment by social services can help with this. Care can then be either in the home (usually costing upwards of £10,000 a year) or in a care home (usually costing more than £30,000 a […]

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Give your ISA the best chance of success

At a glance: Stocks & Shares ISAs are a very tax-efficient – and potentially lucrative – way of saving for the long term (at least five to 10 years). Each person’s ISA allowance (the amount you can pay in without being taxed on the profits) is £20,000 for this tax year (2021/22). The earlier in […]

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Understanding inflation

As prices creep up after COVID-19 lockdowns, how should investors think about it? As the COVID-19 restrictions have gradually eased, and consumers have been able to leave their homes and spend their savings, ‘inflation’ has become an increasingly common sight in the financial news. But what is causing this increase, and is it a cause […]

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