Lessons of a start-up founder: Thomas Farquhar, co-founder of Heatio

Thomas Farquhar and his co-founder Simon Roberts have taken on a huge challenge and need to move hard and fast. They started Heatio in April 2022, aiming to help UK homeowners improve energy efficiency by up to 60% by using the latest technology. Heatio’s Flexx platform combines sensors, smart-meter data, artificial intelligence and home-energy modelling […]

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What’s changing and what’s not – your new tax year checklist

At a glance In a welcome move in his Spring budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt cut employee National Insurance Contributions for the second time this year. But with tax thresholds frozen, many people find themselves slipping into a higher tax band – and paying more tax. Added to which, living standards (as measured by real household disposable […]

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Financial own goals: five mistakes elite sports stars typically make

At a glance There are countless examples of elite sports stars running into money troubles during or after their short careers. But athletes can avoid such ignominy with the help of financial coaching. When talented men and women approach the pinnacle of their chosen discipline only to tumble in disgrace due to addiction, bankruptcy, tax […]

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How to give your whole family a head start this year

At a glance Putting your family first When you’re in your 40s and 50s, you can sometimes feel like you’re financing three generations, not just one. Many people find themselves caught in the ‘sandwich’ generation – responsible for both their children’s future financial wellbeing and that of their parents. At the same time, you may […]

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Why do we find it hard to save for our future self?

At a glance “Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?” It used to be a favourite closing question in job interviews – and it could really put you on the spot. But imagining your career in ten years’ time can feel far easier than imagining yourself twenty or thirty years’ from now. Job-free, […]

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Pensions for children – what you need to know

At a glance Saving for retirement might not be something you think about starting while you’re still reading bedtime stories and going to soft play centres. But opening a pension for your children can set them – and their own future family – up for financial wellbeing. Setting up a pension for a young child […]

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