Planning for your first year in business as a start up

At a glance The tech boom has left many budding entrepreneurs thinking they can quickly create a business worth billions. But only a tiny proportion of companies ever get this big. Only 3.9% of businesses with 10 or more employees have been classed as being high growth according to the Office for National Statistics.1 Many […]

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What’s changing and what’s not – your new tax year checklist

At a glance In a welcome move in his Spring budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt cut employee National Insurance Contributions for the second time this year. But with tax thresholds frozen, many people find themselves slipping into a higher tax band – and paying more tax. Added to which, living standards (as measured by real household disposable […]

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Why do we find it hard to save for our future self?

At a glance “Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?” It used to be a favourite closing question in job interviews – and it could really put you on the spot. But imagining your career in ten years’ time can feel far easier than imagining yourself twenty or thirty years’ from now. Job-free, […]

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Getting on top of Capital Gains Tax 

At a glance Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can trip many of us up. It’s a tax on the profit, or ‘gain’ that you make when you sell or even gift an asset that’s increased in value. It’s a complicated area of tax-planning. Some people pay who could have mitigated some or all of the tax, […]

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